avad3 helps event planners achieve the impossible with Barco visualization solutions

United States - 2023

avad3, an American A/V Event Production company, is known for producing hundreds of quality events each year across the United States. At the start of 2023, they got a call from a well-established event agency, about a large-scale corporate event. Every other event production company turned down the job, but avad3 took on the challenge and made the impossible possible thanks to the Barco solutions in their portfolio.

Barco solutions:

  • 6x UDX-4K32
  • E2

Key benefits:

  • unique ultra-short throw lenses
  • smooth and flawless 4K video processing




    A spectacular national conference brought together more than 400 esteemed professionals from the manufacturing supply chain industry. However, the logistics of producing this event presented numerous challenges, including ambitious creative concepts, infrastructural limitations, and a tight timeline. To ensure flawless execution, the event agency sought out a top-tier A/V production partner.

    “The event agency made inquiries with other event production companies, but they all came back with the answer that it couldn't be done,” says Cameron Magee, owner of avad3. “Our team stepped in, listened to their needs and accomplished a success story thanks to the Barco products!”



    The space limitations in the conference room posed a difficult – yet not insurmountable - trial for the technical team. The available rigging points, fixed places in the ceiling where equipment can be hung, were situated at a challengingly close distance from the projection canvas.

    The infrastructure pushed the team towards ultra-short throw solutions to complete the aimed-for result of a 100ft wide projection screen blend.



    The rugged Barco UDX projectors bring reliable and razor-sharp 4K images at a high brightness to ensure flawless shows with accurate colors at all times. avad3 chose a multi-channel projection system consisting of four Barco UDX-4K32 projectors equipped with their unique 90° L-shaped TLD lenses designed for ultra short throw (0.37:1) video performances.

    On choosing the UDX projectors, Magee summed up the following highlights: “There’s the projector’s brightness, its reasonable size and power requirements, and then that unique lens!”

    An E2 Event Master completes the installation for a smooth and flawless event, with Magee adding: “The Barco E2 media server is the only one with the firepower I trust to do this right!”



    In the end, avad3 made possible what was deemed impossible by others by using Barco solutions. “In our opinion, these were the only products for the job. There weren’t even any close alternatives!” concludes a very satisfied Cameron Magee.

    In our opinion, the Barco products were the only solutions for this job. There were not even any close alternatives!

    Cameron Magee

    owner of avad3

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