Aug 30, 2012

Barco joins the Smart Room revolution with connected patient bedside terminals

HEALTHCARE 1 min read

Hospital patients and clinicians alike are experiencing a revolution in AV technology designed to enhance comfort, control and convenience at the bedside. In the Healthcare AV magazine cover story, "Smart Room Revolution," Barco’s point-of-care terminals are featured as a unique, hybrid tool for communicating patient-centric information to healthcare professionals while providing electronic entertainment options for patients during hospital stays.

The new bedside terminals enable patients and clinicians to interact in a more convenient, effective manner, facilitating requests for information or service at the touch of a button.  Medical staff can quickly access online clinical information, such as EMRs and the HIS, securely and remotely in real-time and keep a closer “virtual” eye on patients. Patients can easily initiate requests for water, restroom assistance, and other needs using simple, pre-programmed buttons. For their entertainment and communications needs, patients also enjoy Internet access, television programming, movies-on-demand, room feature controls, and even Skype to stay connected to the world during hospitalization.   

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