Nov 16, 2012

Holy Name Hospital treats doctors and patients to Barco bedside Smart Terminals

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Over six years ago, Holy Name Medical Center (New Jersey) was one of the first hospitals in the US to offer its patients bedside entertainment. When, after six years of service, the existing bedside entertainment and communication system was up for renewal, the hospital replaced it with 340 Barco Point-of-Care Smart Terminals (ST-154A). Much to the satisfaction of patients as well as healthcare staff.

“We still recall our community Medical Center roots by demonstrating a level of personalized care lost in many of today's long and short term medical care facilities,” says Holy Name Medical Center on its website. Its choice to offer patients bedside entertainment long before many other hospitals did, perfectly illustrates this commitment.

The new Barco Smart Terminals offer a significantly enhanced leisure experience then their predecessors did. The 15.4” WXGA display with touchscreen gives access to the high-quality presentation of multimedia content, such as video, TV and the Internet. On top of that, the terminals will soon improve the life of doctors and nurses too, by delivering access to medical records. This function, which is currently being implemented, will use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) staff badges, supplied by HID, to provide convenient and secure access.

“We are impressed with the high-quality design and medical grade finish to the Barco terminals. We expect to recoup our investment in the new infrastructure in around three years, based on productivity improvements as well as increased revenue from the sale of entertainment services to patients,” said Frank Marano, Systems Infrastructure Director, Information Technology, Holy Name Hospital.

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