Dec 5, 2012

Barco Healthcare helps drive the mobile imaging revolution


Today, nearly 80 percent of physicians use smartphones and mobile computers in their medical practices. Precise calibration of iPads and other electronic tablets is paramount to ensure consistent, accurate image display, especially when using them in radiology. David Hirschorn, MD and Barco’s Ketan Thanki discuss how and under what conditions mobile computers can be used effectively for diagnostic imaging in a recent article in Imaging Technology News.

Once properly calibrated, a mobile tablet can display images with excellent clarity and precision for modalities currently deemed acceptable by the FDA, according to Dr. Hirschorn. A DICOM-calibrated tablet can be a convenient alternative in case of emergency situations when a diagnostic display isn’t available, when a primary diagnosis has already been made using a full-size display, for consulting with other clinicians and in patient consultations.

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