Jul 1, 2013

A deep dive into Barco’s projection and IP technology

PARTNERS 1 min read

What are the newcomers in Barco’s projection and image processing range? What are the technical features and benefits of the portfolio and how do they help ensure unequalled visual experiences? 81 Barco customers and business partners from all over Brazil traveled to Sao Paulo a few weeks ago for three days of immersion into Barco’s projection and IP technology.


Presentations, workshops and in-depth training courses alternated with each other, during the Projection and Imaging Process event. Customers and partners discovered the ins and outs of our HDQ-2K40, HDF-W26, RLM-W8, and HDX projectors, as well as our Encore, Image Pro II Dual and PDS 902 image processing solutions. In addition, they learned more about the Matrix PRO series.

The event was a win-win for all parties involved. While Barco had a chance to highlight its expertise and strengthen its ties with customers and partners, partners went home with new ideas on how Barco can help power up the stage.

Nice little extra: two attendants went home particularly happy, as they had won a Barco Screen Pro and a Multimeter. Congratulations, Katia Caden from Lumen Eventos and Marco Santos from Play Projeções. Thanks for attending!