Jul 25, 2013

CFG-Barco opens ‘Cinema of the Future’ summit to address differentiation in China’s digital cinema industry

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Between 10 July and 12 July last, CFG-Barco held its ‘Cinema of the Future’ Summit 2013 in Chengdu, China. Over 120 experts and representatives attended the event, sharing knowledge and experience with more than 30 cinemas, identifying new developments in the ‘cinema of the future’ and promoting China’s digital cinema industry.

“China’s film industry is developing faster than ever. Box office- and screen numbers are maintaining significant growth.” says Mr. Yang Buting, President of the China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association. “We greatly appreciate Barco’s contribution to the continued development of China’s digital cinema industry. The film industry here is facing a new wave of revoluntionary development with the pursuit of true color reproduction while improving the moviegoing experience. Cinemas with premium screens will, it’s thought, be the main trend in China’s film industry in the near term. State-of-the-art cinemas definitely have great growth potential.”

Mr. Phil Chen, General Manager of CFG-Barco states: “We take this opportunity to showcase Barco's digital cinema solutions, demonstrating its strong capabilities of product design and comprehensive service. China’s film market has great business pontential. However, cinemas should adopt differentiated operation strategies to cope with increasingly fierce competition. We are committed to providing more digital cinema solutions that cater to the different demands of our customers.”

Technology of the future today

At the summit, CFG Barco showcased Barco’s globally leading projection systems and audio technologies. The 4K projectors, for example, offer the brightest optical output and 4K resolution, ensuring a striking 2D/3D movie experience. The S2K and 2K projectors, for their part, boast an amazing performance at the lowest possible TCO – a feat that gained them widespread recognition from the industry. Furthermore, Barco also presented its revolutionary Auro 11.1 immersive 3D sound technology, which enables an incomparable auditory movie experience. Besides, the film Mr. Go which will be premiered on July 18th was presented based on Auro 11.1 at this campaign. It is China’s first film that was powered by Auro 11.1 3D sound system.

Long-term prosperity

“Barco delivers a cost effective technology troughout the cinema, that anables  multiple applications and secures compatibility with various content formats, we call this our Barco cinema technology platform. This allows us to provide customers with premium entertianment solutions with a low TCO or with the most cost effective solutions for the smaller screens. For every screen we have a solution with our broadest portfolio in the Cinema industry. We also support cinema exhibitors in their search for a profitable business model and differentiated operations. This is the main reason why customers choose Barco.” says Wim Buyens, Senior Vice-President of Barco N.V. and General Manager Entertainment Division. “It is, therefore, no coincidence that CFG-Barco has grown as fast as it did, thanks to the support and trust from our customers and industry partners. In the future, we will reach out to and cooperate with even more industry leaders to boot the new technology for the cinemas of the future. In doing so, we can drive the long-term prosperity of China’s burgeoning film market.”