Nov 18, 2013

Merivaara and Barco team up to revolutionize the operating room

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Working with Barco, Finnish hospital equipment manufacturer Merivaara has launched a new version of its integrated operating room solution OpenOR™ over IP. By incorporating Barco’s medically certified IP imaging and audio management platform, the solution is sure to improve surgical teams’ efficiency while lowering costs.


OpenOR™ over IP is a revolutionary open architecture management system for the operating room that integrates all operating room devices in and beyond the OR. Merivaara selected Barco for its unique IP-centric technology for OpenOR™ which enables the system to smoothly stream audio, video, and advanced imaging feeds without delay.

Cost effective
Another important feature of the latest version of Merivaara’s Nexis-enabled OpenOR™ solution is its modular approach and open architecture, which allows it to be easily integrated into existing equipment and ICT systems. Hospitals can thus optimize the life cycles of their medical devices, or gradually add functionality to the system as they see fit. In other words: the need for large investments drops significantly.

Successful collaboration
”We began our cooperation with Barco almost a year ago. The development project has progressed extremely quickly due mainly to an extremely proficient and dynamic relationship built up between both companies. This has enabled us to bring the latest version of OpenOR™, based on an open architecture and modular approach, to market so quickly with significant new benefits for the hospital and surgical team.”