Feb 27, 2014

AED Studios proudly presents: Barco Virtual World

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Looking for an event location in the Benelux that is bound to wow all the attendants? Look no further! Tonight, AV expert AED group proudly inaugurates Barco Virtual World: a virtual experience events hall at the AED Studios in Lint, Belgium, that pushes the borders of visualization technology. As a technical partner of the venue, Barco delivers HDX-W20 projectors, among other products, to ensure immersive projection at the highest possible resolution.


The brightest and the largest
The cream of the crop of Belgium’s TV and film producers, concert promoters and corporate event organizers are all fans of the 55,000m2 AED Studios in Lint, Belgium – the former Eurocam Studios -, as it features the most professional audiovisual (AV) infrastructure in the Benelux. Barco Virtual World is bound to exceed their expectations. At the hall, ten HDX-W20 projectors, which each offer 20,000 lumens of light output, project images onto the largest screen in the Benelux (90-meter-long), thus offering an exceptionally virtual experience in full HD.

Showcasing projection expertise
The AED group has been a trusted Barco partner for many years. Both companies are constantly strengthening ties to bring more compelling value to their mutual customers. “It was only logical to team up with Barco, the world leader in projection technology, for our virtual experience project,” said Glenn Roggeman, CEO of AED group. Wim Buyens, Sr. Vice-President Entertainment and Corporate at Barco, is glad that Barco got the chance to highlight its projection expertise: “We are proud to have a Barco hall in this exceptional setting that the AED Studios are. This ‘Virtual World’ project is a fantastic way to showcase the endless possibilities of projection to the event market.”