Jan 19, 2015

Nu Metro Cinemas first in Africa to go live with Auro immersive sound and 4K projection

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Truly enhance the cinema experience: this definitely is the overriding concern for every cinema exhibitor, these days. Nu Metro Cinemas, South Africa’s second largest cinema operator, makes big investments to pamper its audience. The most recent jewel in its crown: the extreme HD experience cinema at the refurbished ‘The Glen’ in Johannesburg. The cinema, which opened to the public on 20 November with the release of ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’, features Barco’s Auro 11.1 immersive sound system and a 4K projector, as well as RealD’s Precision White Screen – three firsts for Africa.


Far better sound quality!
Nu Metro Cinemas has always been a frontrunner. In 2009, it was the very first cinema chain in Africa with an all-digital cineplex. Four years later, by December 2013, every single Nu Metro theater was equipped with a Barco digital cinema projector (111 in total). Around that time, Nu Metro’s team also discovered Barco’s Auro 11.1 immersive sound. “When comparing Auro to other technologies, we found that Auro offers far better sound quality, leaning very much towards the standard 3D sound policy,” says Nu Metro's Marketing Executive Nitesh Matai.

4K HD images
The first Auro installations went live earlier this month, at two VIP theaters – called ‘Scene Xtreme’ cinemas - in Johannesburg and one in Pretoria. In addition to Auro, The Glen in Johannesburg also exclusively offers RealD’s groundbreaking Precision White Screen format along with Barco’s DP4K-23B projector to deliver 4K Ultra High Definition visuals. The screen technology stretches from floor to ceiling, about three stories high. Moreover, The Glen also boasts the ultimate in luxury seats and SceneVIp, where moviegoers can relax in an upmarket lounge with a bar before enjoying their favorite movie or indulge in a quality dining menu. Isn’t this the ultimate luxury cinema experience?

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The brand-new experiences offered at Nu Metro got quite some press coverage. In this article on the Proaudio-central.com website, you’ll find more details about the set-up of Auro, including some nice reviews. Myjoburg.com describes in detail how Nu Metro Cinemas is taking “going to the movies” to new heights …