Feb 2, 2015

How much 'personal space' does a projection screen need?

1 min read

Chances are high that you associate a projector with a certain throw distance. When thinking about the place you want to position/hang your new projector, you most likely will calculate a substantial distance between the projector and the screen. This can be logical, but also a nuisance. For example in rear-projection systems, this distance is in most cases very disturbing. The solution? Short throw lenses!

As the name suggests, a short throw projection lens strongly reduces the projection distance. Your projector can thus be positioned much closer to the screen, which can be handy in many cases. However, many people approach these lenses with some distrust. They suspect the produced images will be distorted, because it just seems unnatural to position the projector and the screen so closely together. As if the screen's personal space is not respected...

The fear for distortion is not completely unjustified. Indeed, there are short throw projection lenses on the market that DO distort the images. But at Barco, we aim to do better. Our EN57, which offers the world's shortest throw ratio of 0.28:1, excels in both performance and quality. You can see this lens in action on our ISE booth, Hall 11, at locations H75 and F78. Be sure not to miss it!