Sep 17, 2015

Barco recognized as Visionary Innovation Leader in medical displays

HEALTHCARE 2 min read

Barco received a 2015 Frost & Sullivan Award for its revolutionary Coronis Uniti display system, which the renowned consulting firm believes reflects a visionary understanding of the future of diagnostic imaging.

Image visualization plays a vital role in the interpretation of a diagnostic imaging study and, more broadly, in the assessment of a patient’s imaging record. And because it can also be a determining factor in the radiologist’s efficiency, diagnostic displays are essential tools for ensuring the quality of care. 

Find out why Frost & Sullivan awarded Barco:
Barco understood there was a need for a new generation of diagnostic displays. A generation that breaks through the technical boundaries of multi-modality integration and unifies the entire diagnostic workflow. That’s exactly what the company set out to achieve when it introduced the Coronis Uniti display system in 2014.

A revolution in the reading room
Coronis Uniti is the only display that can support PACS as well as multi-modality breast imaging (i.e. 3D mammography, digital mammography, breast MRI and ultrasound) on a single screen, which makes it the perfect alternative to multi-monitor workstation configurations and eliminates the need to change workstations to complete patient studies. Its 33-inch screen with 12 MegaPixel resolution renders high-quality grayscales as well as color and fused modalities, in 2D and 3D, static and dynamic.

“Coronis Uniti has the potential to elevate a healthcare organization’s diagnostic viewing environment and contribute actively to meeting many of the high-level objectives sought by these organizations, such as enabling earlier detection of pathologies, gaining more confidence in final diagnoses, and reducing the rate of patient recalls,” comments David Frigstad, Frost & Sullivan’s Chairman.