Nov 6, 2015

Shedding new light on the art of pediatric imaging #IDoR2015

HEALTHCARE 2 min read

November 8 is the International Day of Radiology and this year, marking the 120th anniversary of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen’s discovery of x-rays, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. This time the day is dedicated to pediatric imaging and the important role that radiology plays in the detection, diagnosis and management of a wide variety of diseases affecting children, and the special treatment younger patients need.

Pediatric imaging presents a distinct set of challenges for radiologists. Examination of pediatric images must take into account not only the dynamics of a growing body, but the subtleness of lesions and fractures that are often difficult to detect. Adaptable equipment is essential to ensure radiologists have the right tools available to make an accurate diagnosis. 

In addition to high-quality images, an optimal working environment is necessary for supporting radiologists’ pediatric investigation. Effective review of a child’s clinical history forms part of the interpretation process. Pediatric imaging is often performed as an ultrasound, where the use of color is regularly applied to provide additional insight on functional elements. 

Barco’s Coronis UnitiTM display system incorporates features of an ideal working environment for pediatric image reading, including high-resolution, exceptional brightness and indirect lighting. Especially helpful when viewing pediatric extremities, the Coronis Uniti’s SpotView ‘spotlight’ feature supports the viewing of delicate differences in an image. It enables focused observation during readings by dimming images outside a circular section and enhancing the contrast in the region of interest – making it possible to detect even the most subtle lesions and fractures. 

Barco’s Coronis Uniti is the first diagnostic display to allow images of different modalities and color to be presented on the same screen, providing radiologists with the necessary tools to integrate and compare all imaging information at once. That’s how Coronis Uniti is painting a new reading experience for pediatric imaging.