Oct 10, 2016

Five top tips for presenting to win

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A well delivered presentation can lead to personal and business successes, whether presenting creative ideas, business updates or delivering a pitch to win new business. But getting it right can be dependent on a number of factors. We surveyed office workers in the UK, US, France and Germany who work in public sector organisations to find out the key elements to what makes a good and not so good presentation. In response we’ve compiled a roundup of 5 top tips for successful presenting.

  1. Use the right tech to make your presentation sing - 51% of respondents believe that having the right technology is equally as important, or more important than having the right presenter. Tech that is wireless, portable and that works at the touch of the button will help make your presentation a success.
  2. Have all points covered – Ensuring that all of the aims of your presentation have been delivered is key - 64% of office workers said that this was a sign of a successful presentation.
  3. Keep track of time – Running out of time was one of the common problems people said they experienced when delivering presentations (32%). Presentations that cover all bases within the time set and don’t drag on are always well received.
  4. Have a back-up plan – 41% of office workers said not having a plan for things going wrong was a big “no no”. Given that 81% of the people we asked experienced technology issues when presenting, having a plan for an easy tech alternative is one way to avoid embarrassment.
  5. Let your audience have their say – 41% said lots of audience participation was the sign of a good presentation, so let your audience ask questions and give their feedback. The more engaged they are, the better your presentation will go.

59% of the people we surveyed said a successful presentation helped build their personal reputation, so taking on board these points fine tuning the delivery of you presentation is definitely worthwhile.