Mar 8, 2017

Barco-driven ODYSSEY™ H Bell Helicopter 429 simulator achieves highest EASA full flight certification

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As one of the leading developers of simulation technology for training applications, TRU Simulation + Training Inc. was determined to take out all the stops in the design of the Valencia-based ODYSSEY™ H Bell Helicopter 429 simulator. The full flight simulator (FFS) relies on 11 of our F35 projectors to generate a true-to-life pilot training program that is unrivaled in realism.

Preparing pilots to take to the skies
Safe flying without stepping foot off the ground? Ultra-realistic simulation, such as that offered by the new Bell Helicopter Training Academy in Valencia, Spain, is the way to make that possible. Bell enlisted the help of US-based simulation experts TRU Simulation + Training Inc. to design an FFS for its 429 helicopter that takes budding pilots as close to the real flying experience as possible.

Excellent visuals are crucial to generating that true-to-life feel. That’s why RSI Visuals, the company responsible for the visual display in the new simulator, chose 11 Barco F35 WQXGA projectors, generating a 240 x 80-degree field of view along with an extra chin window.

EASA certification

The result? The TRU ODYSSEY™ H simulator, able to accelerate in all six degrees of freedom and equipped not only with a premier visualization system but realistic cockpit sound effects as well, was certified Level D by the European Aviation Safety Agency. This is the highest certification achievable by full flight simulators.