Mar 30, 2017

Rental companies and AV integrators confirm that Barco's new UDX projectors will revolutionize the way they work

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Barco's brand-new large venue projector range will change the game for rental companies and AV integrators. The UDX series delivers stunning experiences in terms of color, resolution, and processing, combined with savings on installation, shipping time, and asset management, reducing costs significantly. The most compact, high-brightness laser projectors on the market, the UDX projectors deliver reliable, razor-sharp 4K images for every type of event and venue.

Matching the needs

The UDX fulfills the requirements we are looking for. It features high-resolution 4K which is essential for bright images. It also has the power of laser phosphor illumination up to 32,000 lumens and that’s the range our large-screen installations are going for. What’s more, the design is easy to maintain and handle.


Thomas Gellermann, Head of R&D at Kraftwerk Living Technologies

The UDX will take the market by storm. It will change the game for a lot of rental houses.

Adam Benjamin, CEO of Fuse Technical Group




UDX will revolutionize the way we work, now and into the future.




Danny Whetstone, Founder and President of DWP Live.




Game-changing performance

Large venue laser phosphor projectors


Quicker installation, lower costs, optimal asset management




Unmatched colors, 4K resolution, and best-in-class processing


Unbelievable experiences thanks to exceptional performance




The most compact, 4K, up to 32,000-lumen laser projectors with integrated cooling


Delivers the best return on investment in the industry


Meet and greet with UDX
UDX tour posterToday, the UDX tour kicks off. The brand-new UDX platform will travel the world, making a stop at over 40 locations. What’s more, this tour will also showcase our latest 4K image processing technology.

Mark your agenda to visit us at:

  • Prolight + Sound, Frankfurt, Germany, 4 - 7 April 
  • InfoComm China, Beijing, China, 12 - 14 April 
  • InfoComm Brazil, São Paulo, Brazil, 23 - 25 May 
  • InfoComm, Orlando, US, 10 - 16 June 

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