Apr 14, 2017

The new Barco story – chapter 2: Going completely local to enable bright outcomes around the globe

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In our newsroom series about how we ‘enable bright outcomes’ – our new baseline, remember? – you read about our quest for true added value. Yet, let’s take this one step back and ask ourselves ‘what is added value’? It is different for every customer, right? To define value, we have to know the customer really, really well. That’s why we are stepping up our efforts to ‘go completely local’ in countries like China and India.

In country for country

Over the past few years, our colleagues in high-growth markets like China and India have been doing a great job, proving to local customers how Barco solutions can really help them achieve more and better results. In China, for example, Barco digital cinema projectors create magic on an ever-growing number of cinema screens. In India, our control room solutions help organizations tackle the challenges of accelerating urbanization and create smart cities.

We’re now increasingly embedding an ‘in country for country’ strategy into our local sales, manufacturing, product management and R&D capabilities to provide local customers with solutions and services that meet their specific needs.

Different markets, different needs

Why completely local? Well, different markets come with different business models, different needs and requirements as to standards and value. So, to market a product successfully, it is best to design, engineer and manufacture it locally using local components and local people. It’s also important to sell it through local channels, which really understand the market, the customers’ pain points and their businesses – and, of course, speak the local language! In this way, we’ll definitely enable bright outcomes around the globe.

Watch this video to learn more about our business in China and India. Our colleague Rajiv Bhalla, Managing Director of Barco India, is delighted to share his story with you.

We’ll be back soon with another chapter in our story. Stay tuned via our dedicated Blog & News section