Aug 31, 2018

Loki Cinemascope featured in CEDIA Theater

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Barco Residential joins Rayva, Origin Acoustics, Josh AI, Kaleidescape, Stewart Filmscreen, Fortress Seating and Audio Control at CEDIA 2018 to promote value, simplicity, and profitability in Home Entertainment. Rayva and its AV partners Make it Simple.   

Barco Residential is excited to be part of the CEDIA Rayva Theater in Booth SR-6 with its Loki Cinemascope 4K Laser Projector. Barco Residential brings the pinnacle of image technology to the high-end home environment. The difference is in the details. Incorporating our legacy of global leadership in professional cinema, our projector family features technology that maximizes end-user experience, whether you’re showcasing movies, art, or gaming. Barco Residential and our partners turn audiovisual equipment into exceptional video experiences for you, your family and guests. 

RAYVA’s home entertainment solutions include state-ofthe art technology by premier AV manufacturers. All system components are sold to end-users by AV integrators. RAYVA’s solutions include proprietary room designs curated by Theo Kalomirakis, design accessories, acoustic specifications, and room engineering. RAYVA’s turnkey solutions are simple-to-install,  highly profitable for the AV integrator, and make it easy for the end-user to enjoy outstanding home entertainment, including movies, TV, video games, sports, and music.

Barco Residential, Rayva and their partners make home entertainment simple.