Dec 12, 2018

Smooth sailing with ClickShare at Port of Antwerp

1 min read

Antwerp Shipping Federation (ASV), the association of the maritime sector at the Port of Antwerp, connects around 80 companies and their countless business partners. Often, these organizations meet face-to-face at ASV’s headquarters in Antwerp. To ensure a smooth and convenient experience, the association decided to equip two of its meeting rooms with Barco’s ClickShare wireless presentation system.

Hideous cables
“We organize a lot of meetings with different parties,” says Eddy Wouters, director general at the Antwerp Shipping Federation. “That’s why we decided to equip our offices with two state-of-the-art meeting rooms – complete with modern furniture. The only problem? Hideous – and dangerous! – cables running from our laptops to the screen on the wall. It didn’t look professional at all.”

A whole new world
“It was actually one of our clients that introduced us to ClickShare. When we visited their meeting room, we were immediately sold by its order and usability. No more messing around with screen settings and resolutions, no more manual system updates, and most importantly: no more cables. A whole new world opened up for us, and for our clients. All anyone needs is a simple explainer – which we placed conveniently on the meeting room table – and it’s back to focusing on the topics at hand.”