Feb 17, 2020

3 Ways to get the most out of your ClickShare

CLICKSHARE 2 min read

If you are a ClickShare user, you already know what it means to meet and present without the hassle of cables or adaptors. But how well do you know your beloved wireless collaboration system really? With these three often ignored ClickShare hacks, you will improve your meeting experience even more.

#1: No USB? No problem! Meet the ClickShare Desktop App.

Smaller devices often have a limited number of USB ports. When you have no USB port available to plug in the ClickShare Button, you can still use the ClickShare Desktop App for PC or Mac. The ClickShare Desktop App allows you to share your desktop content without using the Button or through a combination of the Button and the App.

In addition to the well-known ClickShare functionality, you can do a few other cool things with the App:

  • Pause sharing: keep the presentation on screen while you work on something else on your laptop or desktop.
  • Presence detection: select a meeting room that is in your vicinity from a convenient list.

#2: Meet like a boss: the moderation feature

With the CSE-800 and CX-30, up to 8 people can connect to the ClickShare Base Unit. With the CX-50, you can even connect up to 16 people. But when many people share and unshare their content in an uncontrollable way, it can become confusing. With the moderation feature however, meeting users can assign one person to control what is shown on the meeting room display. Every Button has this moderator functionality, but you can also activate it on the ClickShare Desktop App.


#3: Upgrade when it fits your schedule

If your ClickShare Base Unit is connected to the internet via your company network, you can use the automatic update function to keep firmware up to date. This way, you also never miss out on new features.

However, performing updates while people are in a meeting is not very convenient. So, how can you plan your updates in a better way, especially when you need to maintain multiple ClickShare units across your company network?

Simple, through the XMS Cloud Management Platform.

XMS allows IT managers to monitor a large install base of ClickShare units. They can use the online platform to securely access and configure units, look at health statuses and perform updates to the most recent firmware with just a few clicks. And best of all, they can schedule these updates whenever it is suitable, be it after office hours or during the weekend.

Keep it safe and update your ClickShare

If you haven’t already done so, we strongly recommend updating your ClickShare units to the latest ClickShare firmware.