Feb 19, 2020

Have you heard about the Series 4 Web Analyzer yet?

1 min read

With the introduction of the Series 4, a 4K RGB projector family designed for cinema, Barco and Cinionic have a real game-changer in their portfolio. A little less than one year after the launch, a large number of international theatres and movie complexes have taken the step forward into the smart laser era. Read all about it here.

One of the unique features of the Barco Series 4 cinema projectors is the 100% web-based interface. This also includes the Web Analyzer, a powerful webtool for log file analysis.

Here’s everything you need to know about this tool.

What is it?

The Web Analyzer is a free online tool for cinema service techs and helpdesk engineers to do root cause analysis of your Series 4 cinema projectors based on log files. You just drag and drop your diagnostics package from any Series 4 projector and get access to an intuitive dashboard and analysis tool for efficient monitoring and effective root cause finding.  

The first major update in December 2019 added information on board swap history, firmware update history and the so-called projector Bio Log. Where logs on Series 2 cinema projectors were not scaled for long term data storage, these new dedicated bio logs in the Series 4 portfolio allow for more powerful data available on things impacting the projector throughout its entire lifetime.

How does it work?

Using the Web Analyzer is pretty straightforward. Get a first introduction in the short tutorial video below.

For more detailed instructions on the Web Analyzer and the Series 4 laser projectors, you can always register for an extensive certified training at our Barco University.