Sep 16, 2020

How the right simulation equipment can enhance operational readiness in naval training

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HR Wallingford shipbridge simulation ship naval nautical training

The Marine workshop hosted by DWT – the German Society for Defense Technology – will go into its 22nd edition this year. Scheduled to be held live in Dobbin-Linstow, Germany, 21-23 September, Barco with partners Kongsberg Digital, project: syntropy and, will be demonstrating a high-resolution naval training simulator to the conference delegates.

This year's theme is “Opportunities of the 4th industrial revolution for the fleet: What does the navy want? What does the government enable? What can the industry do?". To answer this, Barco and its partners will demonstrate the latest in simulation & training, focusing on how the right simulation training equipment can enhance skill development, skill retention and operational readiness by bringing immersion, realism and high-quality technology to naval simulated training.

In the Barco booth “E1”, delegates can witness a highly realistic naval simulator demonstration. The setup will feature the latest Barco FL40-4K resolution LED projector displaying the powerful K-Sim Navigation from Kongsberg Digital. The K-Sim Navigation demonstrator will be projected onto a segment of a curved screen provided by project: syntropy. will be using their auto-alignment tool to ensure the image is flawlessly and evenly distributed on the concave surface of the screen.

Would you like to learn more about the solutions and how these can benefit your naval simulation training? Then stop by the Barco booth E1 at the DWT Marine workshop 21-23 September 2020, held at Van der Valk Resort Linstow in Dobbin-Linstow.