Nov 14, 2022

Enhance your MS Teams, Zoom and Webex experience with latest ClickShare Conference Software update


Tap into hybrid meetings: download the new v2.7 software for your ClickShare Conference Base Unit today, install the latest ClickShare App and enjoy the latest and greatest ClickShare features:

One click to join your conference
One click to share your content in-room and remote
One click to sync to (un)mute commands

Simple, easy, wireless. That’s how ClickShare Conference shares the apps from your laptop on the room display and connects them wirelessly to the camera and speakers in the room for better meetings. You need one click to join the conference, one click to share your content in-room and remote and one click to sync for higher engagement. Keep your units and App powerful, secure and efficient, download the software today and never miss out on the latest improvements.

We’ve also passed the ISO 27001 certification for XMS remote management platform. Be sure to register your ClickShare Conference devices to unlock 5 years of SmartCare coverage!

Keep your ClickShare experience powerful, secure and efficient, download the newest software today.


What can you expect?

Empower hybrid meetings with ClickShare Conference

With some people in office and some working from home, your workforce is used to have more video conferencing meetings all around. Prepare your meeting rooms for more hybrid meetings with ClickShare Conference. Equip workspaces for wireless conferencing with flexible audio & video-enabled meeting rooms and take full advantage of the best BYOD and BYOM support.


What's new for the ClickShare Conference Experience?


1. One click to join your conference

With just one click in the ClickShare App you join the next virtual meeting on your agenda. Your Outlook calendar automatically synchronizes with the ClickShare Collaboration App. The next Microsoft Teams meeting on your agenda is shown in the ClickShare App: join that call with just one click, your Teams App will open automatically and your call will start immediately. The same is true for your Zoom, Webex or other calls as well.

Support for Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings already available, Webex and other platforms will follow soon.

Check our video

2. One click to share your content

Start sharing content in a Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex call and ClickShare automatically shares the same content to the meeting room display

If the content you want to share is on your smartphone or tablet, you can use the updated ClickShare Mobile App to share to any ClickShare Conference equipped meeting room as well.


3. One click to sync (un)mute commands

Muting anyone in your hybrid meeting room is easy and in sync. Avoid hassle and confusion with having to mute and unmute in two different places: the Microsoft Teams App & the room mic. Just click on one of them and the other will sync automatically.

On top of all this a whole range of additional USB camera’s and speakerphones, like the Bose VB-1, is being supported by ClickShare Conference. Check out the complete list


Manage collaboration in different workplace locations, remotely and securely. Get analytics and insights on meeting room usage and new tech adoption for a proven ROI.

What can you expect?

Let’s get you started. ClickShare is a platform existing out of different components: Base units, Apps and the XMS remote management platform. Each of these components has its own software update.

  • The Base Unit firmware can be installed via the auto-update functionality or it can be manually updated via the ClickShare web configurator.
  • For the ClickShare Desktop App, it’s recommended to download and install the latest version manually to ensure the App automatically updates to future releases.
  • The iOS and Android App are updated according your mobile device settings.
  • The XMS Cloud update runs automatically while XMS (Virtual) Edge can be updated manually.

Need a hand with the update?

Download the latest version of the app on Let us guide you through the base unit software update: