Jan 13, 2021

What are the most common frictions in the hybrid meeting room? And how do we solve them?


You’ve gotten quite accustomed to our hybrid meetings and embraced them as effective ways to collaborate and communicate with colleagues, suppliers and customers. Some meetings you participate remotely. Some from an office meeting room, where a wide range of tech is fully available at your disposal.

The options for wireless content sharing, VC platforms, AV set-ups are richer and more advanced in the office meeting room. Of course, it’s far more productive to be in a hybrid meeting when surrounded by the right tools. And still, you experience frictions. Let’s look at some of the most common tech problems you can have conducting a hybrid meeting from a conference room.

What are the 4 most common frictions you experience?

  • Cable hassle

You know the struggle with cables before you can start your hybrid meeting. The meeting room table is covered with different types of cables. Which is the right one to quickly get your videocall up and running and your content on screen? It is the HDMI, USB or UTP? Which one do you need for content sharing? And which one to use the room camera and speakers? You lose time fidgeting and waiting. Your stress levels rise. Other meeting participants get bored, are annoyed and tired of waiting for the videocall to start.

  • Audio limitations


Ever had audio issues in your video call because you can only use the laptop speaker and microphone? It's hard to follow the in-room discussion remote when you just use the laptop’s microphone. And even in the meeting room the remote interactions can't be heard by all meeting participants when you only use the laptop speaker. Audio quality without using AV solutions sucks, to be honest.

  • Video limitations


Ever had video issues in your video call because you can only use the laptop camera for hybrid meetings? It's hard to see the in-room dynamics remote from the laptop camera angle alone, you only see the person in front of the laptop, not the other participants in the room. And also in the meeting room, you quickly forget about the remote participants because you can’t see them on the meeting room screen. A decent hybrid meeting with a laptop webcam? Forget it.

  • Struggle with app settings


In your hybrid meeting, you often need to adjust the video & audio settings of your VC app to activate the room camera and speakers. You only use the laptop sound and video instead of those in the meeting room. Ever got lost in your video call app settings? What changes do you have to make and where can you access settings quickly? Mixing the room and your own laptop audio and video peripherals, makes the experience both in-room and remote difficult.

The answer is ClickShare

Simple, easy, wireless. That’s how ClickShare Conference shares the apps wirelessly from your laptop on the meeting room display and wirelessly connects them to the camera, speaker and mic in the room for better hybrid meetings. To enjoy high-end audio and video quality in and outside the meeting room, you add ClickShare Conference to your AV set-up.

  • Cable hassle


Get rid of the cables on your meeting room table and connect wirelessly to the room display, USB camera & speakers. Meeting participants want an open rooms approach for their videocalls. Simply walk into any meeting room with your own laptop and instantly, wirelessly connect to every aspect of the meeting room – camera, mic, speaker – regardless of manufacturer, make and model.


  • Laptop audio limitations


Enjoy impeccable audio quality in your VC call, both in-room and remote, thanks to easy connection to the meeting room mic, soundbar & speakers. You connect seamless to room audio devices, with only one click. No training, no set-up, no waiting time. In one glance you see the availability of the camera, mic and speakers. All set for your hybrid meetings. Everything is heard. Loudly.

  • Laptop video limitations


Upgrade to top video quality in your VC call with the meeting room camera view. You only need one click for the instant, wireless connection to the room camera, giving remote participants the complete view of the entire room and in-room participants the chance to view both content and remote colleagues on the main screen. The experience is immersive, intuitive for all and fosters hybrid collaboration. Everyone is seen. Clearly.

  • Struggle with app settings


The video and sound settings of your VC app and those of the room camera and speakers are fully and automatically in sync. You only need one click to sync (un)mute commands. Avoid hassle and confusion with having to mute and unmute in two different places: app & room mic. Just click on one of them and the other will sync automatically.



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