May 27, 2021

Make hybrid collaboration flow with the new ClickShare Present


Great news! The ClickShare family is welcoming two brand new members today. Our newest ClickShare Present range is all about making collaboration flow in the hybrid workplace. The C-5 and C-10 allow you to present and co-create in existing Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex conference rooms with simple, one-click wireless content sharing. Complete your existing meeting room ecosystem with our wireless presentation hubs for a smooth return to the office.

One range, two flavours
“With ClickShare, our wireless presentation & conferencing hub for the hybrid workplace, we give frictionless entry for all, whether you’re at your desk in Brussels or on a mountain top in Patagonia. From simple screen sharing to running the meeting from your laptop, all it takes is one click. Everyone’s part of the conversation, everybody feels welcomed and valued,” Wim De Bruyne, VP Meeting Experience, explains what the ClickShare offering is all about.

Customers with existing Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex conference rooms can benefit from adding easy, wireless content sharing by ClickShare Present. ClickShare completes the collaborative experience with full BYOD, interactivity features and workflow integration. The focus shifts from mainly conferencing to true hybrid collaboration.

On the other hand, the fully agnostic ClickShare Conference models, launched successfully last year at ISE in Amsterdam, unleash the power of BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) by bridging to remote participants through your video service of choice. With ClickShare Conference users host calls from their laptop, use their preferred UC&C platform, and wirelessly connect to the meeting room display and AV peripherals. Any meeting room can easily be redesigned into a wireless hybrid meeting room by adding ClickShare Conference.

Introducing a complete portfolio: connected, secure at heart and enterprise-grade

The new ClickShare Present range consists of 2 different models for wireless presentation in existing VC rooms.

  • The entry C-5 is ideally suited for huddle spaces and small meeting rooms, offering the key functionalities of wireless 4K content sharing.
  • The high-end C-10 is the perfect companion for interactive collaboration in any meeting space, adds enhanced video performance and a set of interactivity features such as touch back support, moderation, blackboarding and annotation to make users truly connect and click in meetings.

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