Jun 28, 2021

Projector Management Suite guide video

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After the launch of our Barco Projector Management Suite at ISE last year, our partners were excited about the new cloud-based platform, describing it as a big gamechanger in terms of workflow efficiency, ROI, and remote fleet management. A couple of weeks ago, our team received confirmation that 550 UDX/UDM projectors have already been subscribed to the platform. If your projector is not one of them yet, today is a good day to consider registration. With a quick 2-minute video we’ll show you what to expect and how to start your free trial!

4 reasons to subscribe to Barco Projector Management Suite

✓ Manage the complete installed base from a central location with real-time information on projector conditions.

✓ Improve ROI and facilitate fleet optimization thanks to the cloud-based storage of usage data and light source run-times.

✓ Ensure faster and more effective troubleshooting through error notifications and diagnostic packages.

✓ Stay in control with our secure and worry-free platform and easily combine the Management Suite data with your own tools and processes through the Management Suite API.

You can find all information on Barco Projector Management Suite on this page.

How does it work?

To give you a first peek at what the Barco Projector Management Suite has to offer and how it works, we also added a quick guide browsing through the different tabs and features in the dashboard. Everything is designed to be intuitive and efficient. Watch the video below for a first introduction.


Do you want a more extensive explanation, check the Barco University schedule for dedicated Projector Management Suite trainings.

How to register your projector?

Barco’s Projection Management Suite is based on a subscription model with three levels: Monitor, Diagnose, Control. Check this leaflet for more details on the differences between the different levels.

The Monitor offering is automatically embedded in Barco’s UDM and UDX series for the first 2 years of usage after activation. And if you register now, you also get access to a 3 months free trial of the Control license! You can extend and upgrade your subscription if you want to further benefit from the extra functionalities.

If you want to know how to start your free trial or manage your subscriptions, check this short video tutorial.