Sep 7, 2021

Exceed expectations with the new XDM and XDX


The newest Barco projectors have arrived! Building on our cinema DNA, Barco’s new XDM and XDX will bring Hollywood-worthy experiences to theme parks and other visitor attractions. The RGB laser projectors enable immersive experiences with extra-ordinary Rec. 2020 color performances and exceptional native 4K quality. The XDM and XDX are the x-factor in your domes, dark rides and immersive exhibition. You can learn more about our newest family members in our upcoming webinar next week.

Save the date: September 14, 17:00 PM CET!

We start the conversation with great insights from Scallywag Entertainment. What does the future hold for the theme park industry? And what are the trends to watch in the coming years?

Kraftwerk continues the discussion by taking a closer look at the technology needs of the next-gen dark rides and domes. With audience expectations rising, the AV integrator gives their advice on how to turn an ordinary attraction into an extra-ordinary experience?

Barco concludes with the introduction of our two brand-new projectors. With Koen Van Belle, Product Manager Entertainment, telling you more about the functionalities and answering all your questions.

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