Sep 21, 2021

Prestigious milestone with 100,000 digital cinema projectors

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We are proud to announce that our digital cinema manufacturing department has reached a new record. Since the first pioneering release of our digital cinema projector prototypes in 1999, Barco has established itself as the trusted partner and leading provider in cinema technologies. Today we can say we’ve achieved the prestigious milestone of 100,000 digital cinema projectors manufactured.

At the turn of the century, the film and cinema industry underwent an unprecedented change as it moved from the traditional analog world of celluloid film into a new digital age. Barco has been a market and technology driver in these digital experiments ever since the early days.

The digitalization of cinema accelerated after the release of the ground-breaking 3D blockbuster Avatar (2009), with over 90% of the market transitioning to digital projection in the years that followed. The conversion to digital cinema has enabled a significant growth in the global cinema market doubling the number of screens from 100,000 to close to 200,000 today.

The 100,000 projector production milestone was made possible by Barco’s technological and patented leadership, the trust of an industry to adopt new solutions, and the passion for cinemagoing shared with customers around the world. This is what our partners had to say about the achievement of 100K manufactured digital cinema projectors: 

Nicolas Vanden Abeele, Senior VP Entertainment at Barco, concludes: “We want to thank all our loyal partners, customers and employees for their support in this joint achievement. Despite periods of challenge, cinema has always rallied as an industry to exceed expectations and continue to deliver the best experience when seeing a film. Our colleagues around the world are committed for the long-term to help elevate cinema again to the next level using our all-laser digital cinema projector portfolio for many years to come.”