Nov 10, 2021

Barco’s Piet Vanhuyse discusses the future of workplace visualization in Tech Talks Daily Podcast

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Piet Vanhuyse

Piet Vanhuyse, Director Segment Marketing at Barco, is featured on a new episode of The Tech Talks Daily Podcast. Together with host and tech blog writer Neil C. Hughes, Piet talks about how visualization technology will enable a next generation of office experiences.

As employees are returning to the office after a long period of remote or home office, organizations are seizing the opportunity to rethink the entire layout and feel of their office spaces. Although the balance between in-office and remote work may be shifting, the office is still a prime forum to inform, engage and entertain employees and visitors. 

On the podcast, Piet Vanhuyse explains that, after so much time working remotely, workers want to feel connected again with their colleagues and employers. That’s why businesses increasingly turn to technology to create experiences that employees and visitors will remember and take pride in. 

“The office will become a true destination where inspiration and collaboration are stimulated,” says Piet. “For example, visualization in lobbies will be increasingly important to impress visitors and convey a strong brand identity, hybrid working will change the design of the meeting room, and spaces will combine multiple functions, from experience center to collaboration space.” 

In the Tech Talks Daily Podcast, Neil C. Hughes interviews tech leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, thought leaders and even the occasional celebrity about how technology is transforming their business. 

Want to hear more insights from Piet Vanhuyse on the future of workplace visualization? Listen to the entire episode of the Tech Talks Daily Podcast right here