Mar 9, 2022

Barco. At your service with excellent ratings.

SERVICE 2 min read

The Net Promotor Score is a customer loyalty and satisfaction metric gauging the willingness of customers and partners to recommend the company’s product, or in this case services, to others. On average, we get an excellent NPS rating (NPS) from our customers on our services delivery, outscoring the benchmark for B2B industries.

Enable, Protect, Optimize: three service pillars designed to drive customer satisfaction in the field

Enjoy a great Barco experience from the first moment through risk-free installation and smooth first-time-right deployment.

Maximize the uptime and extend the lifetime of your Barco solutions.

Guarantee the optimal usage of your Barco products and optimize the return-on-investment of your solutions.

We combine this differentiating service offering with innovative hardware and premium software, so you can rely on a full solutions partner, from start to finish.

Find out how we ensure a great product experience, ultimate peace-of-mind, and maximum efficiency and ROI on