Mar 24, 2022

Subject: A warning was raised on video wall 9714680005

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Video wall service engineers and doctors are both into improving the patient’s health status. But there’s a big difference. While a human can indeed call the doctor when something is off, and describe the symptoms, a device just keeps going until it breaks down. By then it is too late to ‘save the patient’.

Currently there are ways to prevent critical system breakdowns. Proactive maintenance is probably the best way to give users the peace of mind that nothing will go wrong. In general, service providers and engineers have a checklist of the average lifetime of key components that are susceptible to wear. This includes the lighting sources and moving components like cooling fans. During a product’s lifetime, these components are preemptively replaced.

Shot from the hip

Let’s take our comparison a little further: what would proactive maintenance mean for humans? Our ‘wearable parts’, which are commonly replaced, would also get such a proactive treatment. Everybody to get a hip replacement on his 60th birthday? For some people it will be right on time. For many, it will be too early. Or too late.

Fan speed error: Fan right.

At Barco, we offer complete solutions, aiming to optimize the system’s uptime and lifetime. Our devices are equipped with a number of sensors, which allow monitoring and measuring the system performance over a period of time. Barco’s proprietary Video wall Management Suite (VWMS) remotely collects this data and takes informed decisions.

This cloud-based platform allows service engineers to remotely check the status of the equipment, displaying the values of all vital parameters. In other words, the Video wall Management Suite is like a Fitbit that constantly keeps an eye on performance and can be consulted when needed.

Additionally, the Video wall Management Suite can also send e-mail notifications. In other words, the device can now really reach out itself! It’s like a built-in “call the doctor” option. With a video wall being one of the vital organs of a control room, a smart leap forward.

Uptime and smart maintenance

The big advantage of this pro-active e-mail notification? First of all, there is the guarantee that every sign of an upcoming failure is caught in time. This will improve the infrastructure’s uptime drastically. Second, it also allows to intelligently schedule the maintenance visits. If a video wall shows no signs of wear, then service can be scheduled at a later time. This not only saves costs, but also reduces travel – a sustainable measure.

Great news: the Video wall Management Suite is supported for all LCD/RPC product lines and is part of Barco’s service offering. It is included in the ‘SmartCare’ service packages, or can be licensed as a yearly subscription. The suite is currently offered in 2 flavors (Monitor and Diagnose ), each aimed at particular use cases.

Do you want to know more about our offering? Then visit the Video wall Management Suite page or contact us.