Apr 5, 2022

An immersive conference experience for huddle spaces and more with Huddly and ClickShare Conference


Collaborating in hybrid meetings can be a real challenge. Does the camera capture everyone in the room? Are the discussions with the remote participants engaging? Was the time spent in the meeting productive enough for all?

You can help your employees collaborate better even when their days are filled with remote and hybrid meetings. Equip your meeting rooms with tech that actually enables meeting equity, that removes frictions with the set-up of video calls and that offers impeccable quality video. That’s why Huddly and ClickShare Conference have created a joint collaboration solution for small and medium spaces, starting with the smallest of huddle rooms.

“Together with our certified partner Huddly, we bring a hassle-free and immersive video meeting experience to customers. Not only do we offer a guaranteed compatibility and interoperability of our simple, one-click wireless conferencing solution with Huddly’s smart cameras, we also improve the hybrid meeting experience for all participants, both in-room and remote.” says Lieven Bertier, Segment Marketing Director Workplace at Barco.

Effortless setup, simple to use

Tested to work seamlessly together, setting up the combined Huddly and ClickShare Conference solutions couldn’t be simpler to install. Just plug the cables in to connect power and camera and it all works perfectly together.

Starting meetings with any UC&C platform (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex by Cisco...) from a laptop and casting the conference and content and apps to the meeting room screen is easy and fast. No need to worry about which cable to use or complex user interfaces to tackle, with ClickShare Conference collaboration is intuitive and natural, made for real, human interaction. Thanks to Huddly’s smart, high-quality cameras, video collaboration is engaging, smooth and everybody feels part of the conversation.

Secure and easy-to-manage, the joint solutions are perfect for any IT department looking to install scalable, safe and easy-to-deploy wireless conferencing technology in the meeting deck and prepare for a future of more hybrid meetings.

Perfect for multiple scenarios

Combining the superior wireless conferencing solutions from Barco ClickShare (CX-20, CX-30 and CX-50) and Huddly’s smart cameras brings unique and immersive hybrid meetings to any type of meeting room, from huddle and small spaces to medium-size meeting rooms and open collaborative environments. All tested and fully compatible.

Huddly IQ is an AI-powered meeting room camera that enhances hybrid video collaboration. Its onboard neural engine enables smart, automated features like Genius Framing, and with 150° ultra-wide-angle video, it ensures that every participant is seen clearly. IQ is software-defined and keeps evolving with continuous updates and enhancements.Huddly GO’s ultra-wide-angle lens lets you see all participants, even those closest to the camera. Thanks to its compact design and USB connection, you can mount the camera anywhere. Huddly GO works with all collaboration apps.

Nils Stangnes, Huddly Executive Vice President of Global Channel Sales, comments: “As the global leader in wireless collaboration, Barco shares Huddly’s commitment to developing innovative technologies that simplify hybrid teamwork and promote an equitable video meeting experience. The combination of Barco's wireless conferencing solutions with our software-based, AI-powered Huddly IQ camera makes it easy for our customers to establish hybrid meeting rooms where everybody is seen and heard and collaboration can flourish."