Mar 8, 2023

Barco re-enters BEL20, Belgium’s benchmark stock market index

INVESTORS 2 min read

Barco is very proud to announce it got selected to (re)-enter the BEL20 index – the benchmark stock market index of Euronext Brussels. This is a result of the excellent performance of our company and the trust investors have in Barco’s sustainable growth.

“For a Belgian company, having a seat in the BEL20 is an honor”, says Charles Beauduin, co-CEO of Barco. “It shows the potential of the company and the weight we have as one of the indicators for the Belgian economy. This is a clear team effort and a direct result of the hard work we did over the years. I want to thank all Barco colleagues around the world for their contribution in this.”

An Steegen, co-CEO of Barco, adds: “Although not a company objective as such, this re-entry in the BEL20 index is a great recognition of our progress. We want to remain in the lead of our markets, and further expand our reach in strategic sectors and territories. And this in a sustainable way, to the benefit of customers, employees and investors.”

Strong results add to investor confidence

The strong results of the year 2022 and the leadership in our focus markets (Entertainment, Healthcare and Enterprise), shown in our annual integrated report, are a direct contributor to the confidence of investors and the entry into the BEL20 index.

“Next to the obvious recognition that entering into the BEL20 entails, it also opens up new opportunities,” Ann Desender, CFO of Barco, adds. “It will increase the visibility of Barco for investors (including tracker fund investors) and will expand our reach internationally. More than anything, this honor gives us the confidence that we are on the right commercial and operational performance improvement track, and it creates visibility for Barco as an established and attractive employer.”

The composition of the BEL20 is reviewed annually at the end of February, and the official entry into the index is effective on Monday 20 March 2023.