Jan 25, 2022

How to bring BYOD into your meeting room

5 min read

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device has become common practice in many enterprises, small or large nowadays. But how does this policy work in the meeting room? Can you collaborate better when you use your own devices?

Over 80% of businesses are encouraging the BYOD trend. One of the reasons is that, over the past few years, people have become more mobile. Remote work, home office and the hybrid workplace all have catapulted BYOD into a regular work mode. Still, not all organizations are sure whether BYOD is the way to go. 

What is BYOD?


BYOD or Bring Your Own Device refers to employees bringing their personal devices to the office and using those for business purposes. A personal device can be a phone, wearable, tablet or laptop.

The reason why BYOD has become so popular is that people prefer to work with their personal device, because it’s more natural and familiar. People tend to avoid equipment that they do not understand or find difficult to operate. Personal tech devices are often more advanced and of higher quality than what organizations usually provide.

Many organizations have chosen to install BYOD as an official enterprise policy. Others are allowing it as an informal practice.

What are the benefits of BYOD in the meeting room?

Enabling BYOD in your meeting rooms and video conferencing rooms can boost your workforce's engagement and productivity. Eventually, it can even boost your business outcomes. There are at least three reasons why organizations choose to implement BYOD: 

BYOD enables easy collaboration and higher engagement

BYOD gives your workforce the flexibility and mobility they need to maintain their work-life balance. They work from anywhere, anytime and with their own devices. Introducing a company policy can be useful to protect both employee and business.

BYOD empowers your employees

Sharing content and presenting from your own device is far more efficient. The satisfaction of working independently and not having to rely on IT or complex tech solutions will make your workforce happy and productive.

Save on IT costs & management for business-owned devices

You save time and budget, when you don’t have to invest in and manage a large number of business-owned devices. However, you do need to enable personal devices on your premises and be aware of security and data protection challenges for your network and devices.

Introducing wireless BYOD in the meeting room or videoconference room


Bringing different devices with different operating systems into the meeting room can be a challenge, especially when you want to make them compatible with existing room displays, AV setups etc. Wireless presentation and conferencing solutions, like ClickShare, can take away much of the hassle users experience when they want to use their own device in a meeting.

Whether you are using a Windows pc or a Mac, an iPhone or Android smartphone, an iPad or other tablet, wireless room solutions make connecting to the meeting room much easier.

  • You no longer need to struggle with wires, configurations or connectors to connect to the room display. 
  • You can just walk into the room, connect to the room devices and get to work in an instant. It’s plug and play. 
  • With ClickShare wireless collaboration solutions, you simply plug in the Button or install the App. Within 7 seconds you are ready to share, collaborate and conference. 

Are you considering to introduce BYOD and ClickShare into your meeting rooms? See how the ROI of your meeting rooms will increase with it.