Jun 11, 2024

A broader access to the US market: Barco teams up with WESCO

2 min read

For a technology company like Barco, innovation is key. We are always looking forward, designing and manufacturing products that meet the present and future needs of our customers. Since 2022, we have completely updated our flagship product portfolio. To bring these powerful solutions to a broader market, we have teamed up with major US distributor WESCO, who will bring our products and solutions to the American market.

Barco’s R&D teams have been on a roll these past two years. With TruePix, they introduced the world to a premium LED video wall solution and the new Infinipix Gen2 image processor—a major milestone for large visualization displays. The introduction of Barco CTRL, our innovative software and hardware platform for control rooms, injected a new dimension of simplicity, scalability, and (cyber)security into the operator workflow. The recent launch of Barco UniSee II further perfected the viewing experience for LCD video walls.

Best partnership since Lennon and McCartney

Creating innovative products and solutions is only the first part of a success story. We also need to bring them to the market. For this, Barco teamed up with WESCO. This established and highly trusted Pennsylvania-based company will distribute our products in the American market, significantly expanding our reach. This partnership has been met with a lot of enthusiasm from both sides, as is evident in the video above.