Jun 4, 2024

Artist Auriea Harvey presents thought-provoking survey at New York’s Museum of the Moving Image featuring Barco technology

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The Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI) in New York City is currently running a thought-provoking exhibition titled "Auriea Harvey: My Veins Are the Wires, My Body Is Your Keyboard," showcasing the remarkable career of the digital artist and sculptor. MoMI explores how the medium of the moving image shapes our world. Harvey’s survey invites visitors to reconsider their relationship with digital technology and explore the limitless creative potential of the web as a medium. 

Blending digital and physical art

Through her innovative use of digital technology, Harvey breathes life into 3D-modeled sculptures on the screen, paired with 3D printed versions. At the exhibition, Harvey's interactive artworks invite viewers to engage via simple hand gestures, adding an extra dimension to the visitor experience. "By blurring the boundaries between the virtual and the tangible, our perception of reality is challenged," says Harvey.

Tim Sinnaeve, Director Digital Canvas at Barco: “For this exhibition, Auriea worked closely with our Barco Labs team to create a series of 3D canvases that enliven her sculptural practice. We’re excited to see this come to life in the seven architecturally integrated 3D canvases we created for the survey, and the team at Museum of the Moving Image did an amazing job in the curation and design of the exhibition.”

Reimagining exhibitions

With these types of 3D canvases, museums can blend the tangible and the digital, supplementing the rotation of collection objects with 3D scans for educational use and accessibility. This innovation also allows for an interactive presentation of artworks and artefacts in a way that is architecturally integrated into the space, offering visitors an immersive experience that bridges the gap between traditional and digital art display.

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You still have the chance to experience Harvey’s work until 7 July 2024.


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