Jun 26, 2023

Love meeting with ClickShare

3 min read

As we navigate the world of remote and in-office work, we return to the workplace with high expectations for meeting spaces and collaboration technology. We go back into the office not only for focus work, but especially for face-to-face time, informal connection, coaching and collaboration with colleagues.

We are on the lookout for a meaningful workplace that helps us meet and work in the most optimal way. An ideal match between office design, technology and workstyle that fosters engagement, collaboration and purpose. Office spaces should be designed for optimal flexibility and engagement, with technology at the core. Different types of meeting spaces foster collaboration and bring the flexibility organizations require today.

Video calling, sharing information on screen from our homes or in our offices has become easy, we have plenty of videoconferencing platforms, tools, and solutions to choose from. Equipped with meeting solutions that are just as easy, intuitive and of even higher quality as the ones we use at home.

At ClickShare, we believe that designing technology with the user at the heart is key for a seamless and effective collaboration. 80% of employees believe that easy-to-use tech can make meetings better. And so do we! 

When people meet, magic happens. And nothing should come in between. No distance, no walls, no cables and certainly no technology. That’s where ClickShare comes in.
Because it’s time to love meeting again. 

Meetings are amazing.

The clashing and matching of minds, the gathering of genius, the buzzing of brains. 

They make things happen and set wheels into motion. 

So we welcome you to love meeting again.

Light, Click, Camera and Action! Enjoy our ClickShare’s newest brand video.