Dec 5, 2023

The meaningful workplace matters for IT managers


Working and collaborating in any office today should be meaningful, as workers go into the office for very specific reasons. Highly flexible technologies, innovative insights and a hybrid workplace strategy can help IT managers create workspaces that enable true connection between workers and make collaboration purposeful.

Recent Gartner research shows that employee expectations continue to evolve. Workers want more face-to-face time with co-workers and prefer to attend important meetings in-person. They crave spaces for focused work and more informal connection with colleagues and management.

What are meaningul workspaces?

Whatever the rationale behind the return to the office, we all want a meaningful workspace that helps us meet and work in the most optimal way. At Barco, we define a meaningful workspace as a value-driven workspace designed to inspire and engage employees. An ideal match between office design, technology and workstyle that fosters engagement, collaboration and purpose.

When designing office spaces - and meeting spaces in particular -, enabling that connection between co-workers is crucial. That’s why IT managers should welcome workers with offices that offer more flexibility and more opportunity for optimal collaboration, both in the meeting room as with remote participants.  Thanks to technology, spaces can easily be transformed. Of course, your insights for more innovation need to be translated in a decent workplace strategy. And we have the right insights to help you with that.

Dive into the stories of meaningful workspaces in this explainer video.

What are the top 3 insights for the meaningful workplace? 

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