Build tomorrow's operation room with Nexxis

Improve the efficiency and workflow of surgical teams and enhance your hospital’s productivity with Nexxis, a video-over-IP platform for integrated digital ORs. With Nexxis, setting up and switching between surgical procedures becomes easier than ever.

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Seamless integration of the digital OR

Nexxis is designed with the biomedical and surgical professionals’ needs in mind. With maximum quality and precision and minimum clutter, it allows you to:

  • Easily interact, stream and record: Nexxis is compatible with a wide range of video devices.
  • Present raw, uncompressed medical images with near-zero latency in 4K. Surgical precision taken to the next level.
  • Simplify the setup of your OR with qualitative fiber cables, plug and play devices, and a central remote control.
  • Flexibly modify and update the setup, building a modular and scalable tech infrastructure for your OR.
  • Smoothly check all the boxes of the present-day OR’s video integration

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“Nexxis allows us to easily integrate new technologies whenever needed, at an affordable price.”

Klaas Braad 
Maastricht University Medical Center

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The resolution and level of detail enabled by 4K technology is truly amazing! You get to see details you wouldn’t have seen before.

Nexxis for the operation room

Nexxis is the cornerstone of any integrated, hybrid or interventional operating room. Discover its specifications.

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4K and Full HD Surgical displays

Lifelike, crisp and fluid live video, to see every detail with stunning clarity.


Remote surgical collaboration

Collaborate, educate and demonstrate live from your OR, with NexxisLive


Custom medical solutions

Custom-built solutions designed for your specific projects and needs.


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Nexxis offers you the opportunity to innovate and simplify your workflow. Unite your entire team in the pursuit of precision, ease of work and collaboration, and an optimal OR turnover. Here's all the information that can help you make an informed decision, together.

What are the exact technical specifications of Nexxis?

How can a smart OR setup improve a hospital's workflow?