Next generation large video wall management software, made easy

Barco’s new generation Video wall Manager helps you to set up, configure and maintain your video wall. It is re-written from scratch and now provides a brand-new UI that boosts our customer and partner experience in setting up and maintaining video walls. Our aim is to let anyone configure a video wall, even without training. The installation wizard is extremely easy to use, and will guide you through the whole process.

Key highlights:

  • Easy, intuitive & faster
  • A step by step easy to understand process to guide you through the wall setup
  • Automated backup creation and restoring
  • Automated product activation flow
  • Easy source setup process
  • Intuitive color/brightness adjustment procedure
  • Easy flow for replacing a defective device with auto configuration
  • Scenario manager to automatically set different wall brightness at day or night (night mode)
  • Automated check for latest available software version while registering the product
  • Intuitive alarm notifications in case of any attention needed on the wall

1. Easy and worry-free installation

The main challenge when setting up a video wall consisting of multiple components, is assigning the order of the displays. Commonly in the market, third party software is used for this - typically not designed to support the installation activity. Barco uses its proprietary wall management software, offering user-friendly features.

  • The installation wizard uses an easy to follow step-by-step process to guide you through the configuration process. It really allows anyone to configure the wall without the need to attend a dedicated training.

  • The platform automatically identifies the number of displays connected to it and the intuitive UI makes it incredibly easy to assign the position of each display, allowing you to create your own virtual wall on one single screen in no time.

  • A single UI configures everything. No need to learn or switch between multiple software applications.

  • The configuration interface is browser-based. This not only means you can run it on any device, but there is also no need to install software.

  • The newly designed automated production activation flow will let you activate your product in the simplest way possible.


What’s more, panels can be replaced without the need to recreate the entire configuration. Simply use the 'Swap and Replace' wizard to do the job.

2. Warranty starts when you first use it

Through the platform, the video wall gets activated at the time of installation (and not at the moment the product leaves the factory). This has a number of advantages:

  • Your warranty only starts when the system is actively used for the first time, not at the moment it leaves the factory

  • You have online access to updates on both display firmware and the Video wall Manager feature sets

  • It allows the validation of the correct installation (Certified Configuration Checks) of your video wall system

3. Perfect image over time

 The Video wall Manager also guards over the video wall's image quality. Not only at setup time, but also during the complete lifetime. A number of innovative features make sure you always have a perfect image.
Sense X automatic calibration
  • Barco's proprietary Sense X automatic calibration system makes sure the video wall is immediately perfectly calibrated. Not only the individual panels, but the entire wall will automatically display the perfect pictures. It is also possible to adjust the video wall to the room's lighting conditions, to perfect ergonomics. When using a competitor's video wall, this operation would require a complete manual recalibration with an external device. With Barco, it's a matter of a push of a button.
LCD Motion Offset Correction 
  • Typical for LCD technology is that images are drawn from top to bottom of every screen. This is okay for individually used panels, but in video walls, where displays are positioned on top of each other, there is a 1 frame offset of moving images. This is because the bottom line of the topmost display still shows the old frame's content, while the upper line of the lowest displays is already refreshed (see image underneath). The LCD Motion Offset Correction feature will take care of this issue, by alternating refreshment directions.

    In order to compensate the offset between panels located side-by-side, we use a slight delay between the drawing of the adjacent panels. This ensures that there is no frame offset between the different LCDs. The result is the fluent visualization of moving content over the entire video wall. 

4. Embedded security

In many markets security is critical, and mainly requires the protection of critical functions and solving every vulnerability issue. Security is integrated in many ways into Barco’s Video wall Manager:

  • The Video wall Manager benefits from the power of a small, embedded operating system.

  • Customized password option will only let authorized users log in to the system

  • Software signing and encryption assures integrity and confidentiality of the Video wall Manager software.

  • Continuous software updates ensure that all components and security patches are always up-to-date, while maintaining all your settings.

  • Collaborate towards a solution:
    Speak up about any possible vulnerability found and reach out to us. Solving security vulnerabilities requires communication, preferably even through a secure channel which we can help you to set up. Report security issues to

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