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About Barco AudioCue

Barco AudioCue helps elevate the complete sensory experience of trainees by taking them beyond their visual cues, enabling them to process sound as it is meant to be heard.

The high quality and precise audio cues allow the trainees to pinpoint objects and occurences before they are within visual range, greatly contributing to faster decision-making and a trained, educated reaction pattern when a situation is at its most critical state. The result is a system that increases the awareness and effectiveness of training, better answering the needs of a wide variety of training and simulation markets, including ground training (rescue, security, direct combat, ...), urban, JTAC, and healthcare.

3D sound: a new layer in training

In training and simulation, an engaging and true-to-life scenario is key to guarantee fast reactions when training for a mission. Up to now, the market has however neglected the benefit of high quality, real life sound in simulated trainings. Still, the trend to move as many training situations to simulators is now demanding additional layers of immersion to fully prepare trainees. Adding true-to-life audio cues highly adds to the realistic feeling of the simulation system. Combined with great visuals, this highly improves the impact of the training.

Real life audio in real-time

Barco AudioCue uses the patented IOSONO CORE processing system, a unique solution providing the most advanced real-time rendering of sound in the simulation market. The sound is therefore always coming from the exact location where the object should be relative to the trainee's position.

The system is scalable, adapting to the highest demands. The AudioCue processor drives flexible speaker arrangements from 9 to 128 channels, customized to any room, shape or other constraints. What's more, there is no 'sweet spot' in the system for sound, eliminating the risk of negative training. Barco’s immersive audio solution includes hardware and software processing capabilities that seamlessly integrate into any existing content or IG setup.

Barco AudioCue

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