ULC-30A projector chiller

Single chiller for DP4K-L, XDL and LLS projector series

This product is an option of the following products
DP4K-22L, DP4K-30L, DP4K-45L, DP4K-60L, XDL-4K30, XDL-4K60, XDL-4K75

About ULC-30A projector chiller

The ULC-30 A is an active cooling system designed for cooling the DMD’s and lasers of our RGB laser projectors such as the DP4K and XDL series.

A closed cooling system keeps the lasers at a constant temperature, independently from ambient temperatures which enhances both lifetime and color stability.

Depending on the required light output, a single or dual configuration is used.

ULC-30A projector chiller

ULC-30A chiller for DP4K-L, XDL and LLC series
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