Barco & Vogel’s curved UniSee LCD video wall

Barco & Vogel’s curved UniSee LCD video wall

Optimal immersive visual experience for Barco UniSee

Barco & Vogel’s curved UniSee LCD video wall

Optimal immersive visual experience for Barco UniSee

  • Creates enhanced immersive viewing experience
  • Guaranteed seamless installation and optimal automatic alignment in all directions (X, Y and Z)
  • Especially suited for large video walls, offering optimal ergonomics
  • Fast and risk-free servicing of the video wall thanks to the innovative sliding of the panels
  • Curving a wall made a lot easier, faster and safer
  • No risk of damaging the panels

Barco and display mount specialist Vogel’s jointly created the curved mounting structure for Barco UniSee. This makes it possible to set up and service the revolutionary bezel-less LCD video wall in a curved way, and still keep all benefits offered by the UniSee Mount, including perfect alignment, easy servicing, and no risk of damaging the panels. The launch of this curved structure further expands the UniSee mounting options and opens up a lot of new opportunities in a wide variety of applications.

Spectacular immersion, fast and safe

Curved video walls create a spectacular sense of immersion, and offer unique viewing advantages for large installations. However, when using traditional VESA mounts to create a curved LCD video wall, it is extremely challenging to install and service a curved video wall - even for the 3.5mm and 1.8 mm generations. The curved mount for Barco UniSee, jointly developed by Barco and Vogel’s, takes away these challenges. In this way, we can still ensure all the unique installation and servicing benefits Barco UniSee is known for in the market, regardless of the wall curvature.

Guaranteed seamless installation and easy servicing

The new Vogel’s mount for Barco UniSee allows a concave curved setup up to 10 degrees, in steps of 1 degree. It features all the main strengths of Barco UniSee, including the optimal automatic alignment in all directions (X, Y and Z). The risk of screen damages during installations is significantly reduced and servicing has become fast and risk-free, thanks to the innovative sliding of the panels.

The complete solution is based on a solid back structure offered by Vogel’s in combination with curved crosses and special corner pieces that are part of the UniSee Curved accessory kit. This solution is available in landscape and portrait modes, as a floor-to-wall mounting structure.


Download spec sheet
General specifications
Curve capability
Curve possible from 0-10 degrees in steps of 1 degree
Back structure by Vogel's
Floor to Wall mounting structure in landscape mode in phase 1
Ceiling to Wall and portrait structure available in phase 2
NOTE: Mandatory usage for UniSee Curved – Co-development done and R&D validated / approved
No other third party structures allowed due to high level of complexity
Barco curved accessory kit
Curved crosses that can be set in the field from 0 to 10 degrees with steps of 1 degree
Corner pieces interfaces
1 UniSee curved accessory kit needed per screen
Order Information
R9867265: UNI-3050 Landscape Curved Kit
R9867372: UNI-3051 Portrait Curved Kit

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