• Robust version of the Event Master Toolset - same interface for Mac and PC
  • Onboard processing for stand-alone usage
  • Full control over the Event Master Series processors
  • Simultaneous connection of multiple controllers, GUI interfaces, and processors on same network

With upgraded processing, an external input, and the option for a third external display, the EC-210 event controller, successor of the EC-200, brings faster programing to your event. Enjoy the ease-of-use of its smaller sibling, the EC-50, with syntax-based programming methodology that accelerates Event Master’s trademark streamlined operation. The result is a vastly simplified, more powerful controller for today’s large events.

Unique features

Compatible with the EX, S3-4K, and E2 Event Master Processors, the EC-210 is a purpose-built, stand-alone controller that launches directly into Event Master Toolset.  You can now have source, preset, layer, user key, cue and destination selection at your fingertips. The EC-210 comes fitted with a trackball, dedicated programming and operating sections, and two touchscreen displays. Switch sources live to program, select large groups of resources at the same time, and manipulate layers with ease. The extra external input means you are now able to have both the user interface and external video on the same control surface when space is tight.

Higher situational awareness

By adding an external display, you can monitor three different areas of the operating environment simultaneously, giving you the peace-of-mind and exceptional situational awareness required by intense shows. The EC-210 is a joy to run for everything from a tradeshow booth to large corporate events or music tours.

*The EC-210 is an upgraded version of the EC-200. They offer the same functionality with minor differences. See the Spec section for details. Existing EC-200s can be upgraded to the same spec and functionality as the EC-210.


Download spec sheet
General specifications
•Controls multiple EventMaster Series systems, including E2, S3-4K, and EX.
•Additional HDMI™ output to increase workspace.
•HDMI™ input for external video sources.
•Auto-ranging mains input (90-250VAC)
•External pointing device and Keyboards supported over USB
•2 separate gigabit Ethernet network interface connections, one for Primary system control, and one for supplemental network (additional IP address range and mode)
20.41 kg (45 lbs)
•Robust version of Event Master Toolset - same user interface used on Mac and PC
•Onboard processing section that is purpose-built to run Event Master toolset, enabling stand-alone usage. EC-210 processing section has been upgraded; the EC-200 is upgradeable to the EC-210 processor. (Users will experience faster performance with most tasks)
•Full control over the Event Master Series processors
•Simultaneous connection of multiple controllers, GUI interfaces, and processors supported on same network. (Redundant backups of control)
•2 internal 15.6-inch wide screen full HD (1,920x1,080) touchscreens with multi touch interface
•1 external HDMI™ output supporting up to 2560x1080
•External input for the left side internal screen. External HDMI™ video signals up to HD resolution. (Typical sources are Multi-viewer or Aux output from Event Master)
•High-resolution T-Bar for manual transitions
•36 user-assignable instant selection buttons with customizable LCD labels and multiple pages of assignments. (3 buses assignable as presets, cues, sources, backgrounds, or user keys)
•Dedicated Background layer button and 8 dedicated Layer selection buttons with multi-page selection. (Change pages for destinations with 9 or more layers)
•Dedicated layer transition and function buttons.(Trans, Cut, Freeze, etc.)
•12 user-definable Destination buttons with multiple pages of assignments (easily supports all the destinations available in future releases)
•Dedicated buttons for transitioning all selected destinations, live switching, modifying program, etc.
•Play/Pause and Stop button for Cues
•5 rotary encoders with wheels for ergonomic pip control and rapid placement of resources
•12 LCD Contextual Display Buttons to support the Syntax Programmer
•Tri-Axis backlit trackball (based on function), with a very smooth rotary encoder for the third axis and 4 buttons for cursor and position control (future software release)
•Internal, board mounted M2 SSD
•5 USB ports for additional accessories such as mouse, keyboard, thumbdrive, etc.
•Script lights, feedback LEDs, and integrated work lights with user controlled dimming.
•Power button for soft shutdown and restart of the system
•Back up and restore of system via USB or WebUI.
•Integrated WebUI for software upgrades.
•Dust cover included
•Custom road case included
* Note: The EC-210 HDMI™ monitor connections do not support analog output. Digital displays or active digital to analog converters are required.
244.34 x 901.19 x 575.36 mm / 9.62 x 35.49 x 22.65 inches
0-35° C / 32-95° F
0-95% non-condensing

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