ManagedCare for Diagnostic imaging

ManagedCare for Diagnostic imaging

Manage your diagnostic investment with absolute peace of mind

ManagedCare for Diagnostic imaging

Manage your diagnostic investment with absolute peace of mind

  • Professional health check
  • Weekly QAWeb follow-up
  • Longer swap coverage
  • QA compliancy assurance
  • Optimization insights & actions
  • On-site services & interventions

Barco's Optimize services

In a world of ever-changing regulations and budget controls, searching how to get the most out of your investment can take up a lot of time and energy. Our Optimize Services are fleet management contracts, that secure your Barco diagnostic displays by focusing on three pillars: compliance management, asset management and total cost of ownership. These services are a Barco quality label for installed base management that maximizes the value of your investment.

  • Manage your display fleet investment with peace of mind
  • The Barco team is your second pair of eyes to safeguard QA compliancy
  • Improve each display's lifetime
  • Maximize profitability with a long-lasting, sustainable and healthy display ecosystem
  • Focus on what matters most: your patients

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ManagedCare: what's in it for your hospital?

> Professional onboarding & health check

First, we map out how your Barco medical displays are used from a fleet, risk and lifecycle sustainment perspective. If there is room for optimization, we’ll suggest tangible actions you can carry out in an instant.

> QA-compliancy safeguarding mechanism

We start by setting up QAWeb Enterprise for you. We implement the QA-compliancy regulations, guidelines, or recommendations that are applicable to your organization’s region. If diagnostic displays can’t pass calibrations or QA-tasks formulated in those standards, you can benefit from a longer swap coverage of up to 7 years per display age, giving you a true quality peace of mind. To benefit from this mechanism, every Barco diagnostic display in your medical display fleet needs to meet below three requirements:

  • It's within end-of-service time frame
  • It has less than 100% of backlight runtime
  • It's less than 7 years old

> Longer and deeper warranty level

If the requirements above are met, your diagnostic displays can profit from a longer and deeper warranty level than ever before, up to 7 years of display age. You'll enjoy swap coverage for your entire fleet, instead of repair only. This is valid during the entire duration of your ManagedCare subscription.

> QAWeb remote monitoring

After set-up, we're good to go. A team of Barco experts will monitor QAWeb Enterprise weekly to address QA-tasks and calibrations. If issues occur, we’ll already perform troubleshooting in advance, so you can save time.

> Display optimization insights

It’s a common misconception that equipment doesn’t cost you anything if it’s not in use. As a matter of fact, it can be a drain on profitability. Thanks to carefully designed business intelligence tools, Barco experts will show you once per quarter how to optimize your medical displays and pave the way to a lower total cost of ownership. For example, we’ll provide insights that identify underused and overused medical displays.

> Yearly site evaluation

Once per year, you'll get a summary of all issues, insights, actions taken and call-to-actions in a comprehensive site evaluation. This gives you a bird’s eye view on the evolution and current status of your Barco ecosystem.

> Customized training plan

ManagedCare also offers a specialized Barco certification training plan that provides technical and clinical training on-site.

Powered by QAWeb Enterprise

Logo: QAWeb EnterpriseManagedCare customers benefit from a dedicated professional service on top of our QA and compliance management software system QAWeb Enterprise. It is a cyber-secure platform that offers a flexible dashboard view of all your workstations, that requires no central server and can easily be scaled to the size of your enterprise.


Some service offerings may not be available in all regions. For availability of services in your country, please check with your Barco Sales representative.

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