Compact 4K dual channel H.264 & V2D Encoder

  • Superb Visual Experience
  • Simple Integration
  • No Adjustment Needed
  • Performance
  • Flexible switching between the H264 or V2D protocol
  • Dual channel support

About NGS-D320 FLEX Pro

The NGS-D320 FLEX Pro is a versatile and powerful networked H.264 and V2D encoder. Its elegant design, small form factor and silent operation allows the device to be used in any situation, both in office environments and in 24/7 mission critical applications.

Due to its versatility, the NGS-D320 FLEX Pro can be configured at runtime as an encoder, both for DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort content, with or without audio and USB KB/M. Unique in the market, it supports 2 types of streaming protocols (H264 and V2D) over 1 or 2 streaming channels in a flexible way, enabling the best possible user experience for a wide variety of use-cases. The combination of these functions, with integrated keyboard and mouse control in a single unit, is ideal to create a seamless environment for application sharing, simulation and training.

Key features:

  • Superb Visual Experience:
    The NGS-D320 FLEX Pro comes with Barco’s latest dual channel image processing engine, which provides the best scaling and color space conversion algorithms on the market today. When distributing graphics, the encoder preserves even the smallest details, making it suitable to encode images like spreadsheets or single pixel line diagrams.
  • Simple Integration:
    The device automatically starts streaming whenever a valid input signal is connected. The stream is automatically set up using the most optimal settings based on input resolution and bandwidth. In addition, the discovery page of the web interface gives an overview of all available devices in the network, making system configuration easy. The device is validated to work in Barco Transform N 3.3 or higher and OpSpace 1.4 or higher.
  • No Adjustment Needed:
    With automatic EDID management, the best experience in distributing graphics and video over IP is guaranteed. Fiddling with displays to get a good picture is thus unnecessary. Switching from one source to another is fluent and does not require the display to re-sync to the new signal. The decoder can also both upscale and downscale to match the preferred display settings.
  • Performance:
    The NGS-D320 FLEX Pro comes with a dual link DVI, an HDMI 1.4 and a DisplayPort 1.1a input out of which 2 can be used at the same time. All inputs support resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 (DCI) and feature active pass-through connectivity. Encoding using H264 or V2D in full frame rate or lower frame rates is possible, allowing you to define the most optimal quality/bandwidth balance. The encoder latency is below 40ms enabling the foundation for a low end-to-end latency in a broad variety of systems.


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