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About NRC-200

The NRC-200 is a versatile and easy to integrate room compositor. Its elegant design, small form factor, and silent operation, make it the perfect appliance for many educational settings.
The versatile NRC-200 drives multiple displays and automatically composites multiple sources.  Benefiting from the intuitive user interface with source preview and moderation control, the users get the chance to fully focus on the training or meeting rather than on the technology. The in-room and networked media sources are automatically detected and integrated with a simple configurator tool.

Key features

Moderation: In classrooms, you just need to be in control. The intuitive moderation function gives an overview and preview of all content before committing to a display. The user interface runs on Microsoft Windows PCs and Tablets.
No Adjustment Needed: With automatic EDID management and scaling, the best in-room experience is guaranteed without requiring display adjustments. Switching from one source to another is fluent and does not require any re-sync. The NRC-200 will automatically upscale and downscale to match the preferred display settings, and shows all sources in the correct aspect ratio. Furthermore, audio sources are automatically mixed.
Reliable: The compositor builds on decades of experience in 24/7 mission critical environments. The NRC-200 replaces complex setups with AV matrix switchers, scalers and compositors, with one simple appliance.
Performance: The NRC-200 comes standard with 2 discrete compositor engines, each capable of driving a 4K (UHD) display with independent composition of sources. Up to 8 different sources can be combined over all compositor engines.

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