The first operator workspace solution tailored to the control room operator


The first operator workspace solution tailored to the control room operator

  • Visualize all critical sources in a single pixel space
  • Build task-specific layouts of sources across multiple displays
  • Securely access IT and operational (OT) sources from a single interface
  • Ergonomically control all content with just one keyboard/mouse
  • Quickly add more sources or systems to your workflow
  • Load personalized settings from any connected workstation

See the bigger picture. Act on the details

Barco’s OpSpace is the first personal workspace that creates a single workspace – consisting of a number of displays on the operator’s desk – for viewing, monitoring and interacting with multiple clients that reside on multiple networks with different security clearances or liability concerns. All relevant information can be consulted and manipulated within a single pixel space, with just one mouse and keyboard. In this way, the operator is at the center of the information and has all data within easy reach.

Stay in control of your sources

OpSpace reduces the clutter and brings simplicity back to your workflow, both on screen and on your desk. Barco’s operator workspace solution integrates all applications into a single integrated workspace. With just one click, you can call any application into view – reducing navigation time and greatly improving the overview of any situation. What’s more, OpSpace allows you to do all this with only one keyboard and one mouse. When transitioning from an old to a new application environment, OpSpace even allows you to have both systems on the same screen, allowing you to get used to a new routine.  

Flexible now and in the future


OpSpace is agnostic to source and network types and uses standard networking protocols. This makes adding new applications to your workflow painless. OpSpace guarantees clean modernization projects, allowing you to easily add new and legacy systems to your workspace environment.  

Work in total peace of mind


Barco’s OpSpace workspace solution was designed for use in control rooms and based on the highest standards for 24/7 operation in critical environments. OpSpace is easy to install, maintain and upgrade. It provides secure access to hosts across multiple security domains. OpSpace allows to present information from isolated networks - both IT and OT - on the same pixel space. This way, you can maintain a higher level of security and prevent unauthorized access and data transfer. 



OpSpace highlights:

  • One pixel-space
    • Integrates information coming from many disparate sources and networks
  • The 'work area' concept
    • Allows any application to be copied into a work area in front of the operator, offering an optimal overview
  • Task-oriented, intuitive user interface
    • Makes sure no time is lost during crisis situations
  • 1 keyboard/mouse/audio
    • Provides seamless control across all sources
  • Security on every level
    • Secure access to any application across multiple security domains
  • Less equipment at the workspace
    • Virtual environment with extremely low latency

OpSpace ecosystem

OpSpace consists of both a software and a hardware component. The hardware components used are:

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