Barco RigiFlex

Barco RigiFlex

A rollable, yet rigid, rear-projection screen for the most demanding applications

Barco RigiFlex

A rollable, yet rigid, rear-projection screen for the most demanding applications

  • Rigid. Superb performance thanks to a very high-tension surface.
  • Flexible. Save time, space and money during transport and storage thanks to a roll-up screen.
  • Fast. Cut installation time in two.
  • Easy to upgrade. Replacing screens on an existing frame is a breeze.
  • Large. Sizes up to 20x4m.
  • Long lifetime. UV resistant and steady performance over time.


RP-RigiFlex Screen

It offers superb performance thanks to its very high-tension surface. As such it is not only very well suited for large set-ups but also in inclined or horizontal position. When used as a cylindrical screen surface, RigiFlex will not suffer from the typical 'belly' in the middle of the screen, which is so common with other traditional rollable screens.


Download spec sheet
Screen border
Border Color
Matte Black
Border material
Aluminium Extrusion Profile
Border Width
200 mm (7,9")
Optical properties
Peak gain
Half gain angle horizontal
> 80°
Half gain angle vertical
> 80°
Local contrast
> 100:1
Color Critical Angle
> 35°
Simulated Ambient contrast
Ambient light resistance
Edge blending properties
Passive 3D use
Speckle behavior
Very good
Screen frame
Frame material
Aluminium Extrusion Profile with welded steel parts
Storage conditions
0°C-40°C | 32°F-105°F
Up to 70% non-condensing
Mechanical properties
Polymer Fabric
Material thickness
< 1mm (<0.04")
Flatness - lay flat quality
Max. deviation of 0.15% of the smallest screen dimension
Scratch resistance
Flame resistance
Class B2 according to DIN4102-1
Class M4 according to NF P92-507 (2004)
Maximum image dimensions
20,000 mm (787.4") x 3,850 mm (151.5”)

For larger sizes : please contact Barco
0.5 kg/m² (net)
11.86 lbs/ft²
Break resistance
Operating conditions
10°C-40°C | 50°F-105°F
Up to 70% non-condensing

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