SmartCare for control rooms

SmartCare for control rooms

Work smarter, not harder

SmartCare for control rooms

Work smarter, not harder

  • Higher operational efficiency
  • Maximized system uptime
  • Overall improved experience for partners and end-users
  • Grow profitable and recurring service revenues

Upgrade to Smartcare PRO

Upgrade to SmartCare Pro

For the critical operations applications that require permanent attention and premium support, SmartCare can be upgraded to SmartCare Pro with the optional Pro pack. The “Pro” upgrade is the perfect choice when you want to rely on Barco expertise to fully support your customer.

24/7 helpdeskFirst line support
Barco expert helpdesk available around the clock to support you or the end-user.End-users’ calls can be forwarded directly to Barco’s expert helpdesk.
Preventive maintenance On-site maintenance
One visit per year by a Barco Customer Service Engineer who will check and maintain your equipment to sustain the best performance.In the unfortunate event that something would fail anyway and cannot be remotely fixed, a Barco Service engineer will be on site by the next business day.


Helping our Partners do more, with less

The Barco SmartCare services combine the benefits of premium maintenance and support services with those of our cloud-based remote monitoring and management platform 'Video wall Management Suite' in order to help our Partners reduce service costs while meeting even the most stringent SLAs.

The SmartCare service pack applies to all the Barco products, so that you only need one service contract for one system. This ensures a consistent coverage and support level across the installation.

Meet SmartCare

  • Support duration: up to 10 years for LED and RPC video walls, up to 5 years for LCD video walls
  • Support services
    • e-portal to log incidents and access our extensive knowledge base
    • Highest priority business hours helpdesk
    • 1 hour response time via phone or 4 hour response via ticket
  • Hardware coverage
    • Advance swap service
    • Express shipment
    • Firmware updates
  • Software coverage
    • Updates, bug fixes, security patches
    • HW/SW compatibility guarantee
  • Video wall Management Suite Diagnose
  • On-boarding support

Your benefits

Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs

   • Diagnose and fix issues remotely
   • Reduce the need to travel on-site
   • More accurate issue diagnostic
   • Save spare parts inventory costs
   • Rely on Barco for first line support and field interventions

Improve customer satisfaction

   • Proactive issue detection and resolution
   • Faster problem solving
   • 24/7 priority access to Barco experts
   • Firmware and software always up to date to perform at best
   • Predictable budget

Develop and diversify service offer

   • Offer more competitive SLAs thanks to the capabilities of the Video wall Management Suite
   • Manage renewal of customers’ maintenance contracts from the Video wall Management Suite dashboard
   • Leverage product technical and usage insights to offer new services

Introducing Video wall Management Suite

Video wall Management Suite is Barco’s cloud-based connection platform that allows integrators to view critical information from their entire installed base of video walls from a central location. The user-friendly platform is accessible from any device with internet access, whether it’s a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The Video wall Management Suite data can be easily combined with the users’ own tools and processes.

The state-of-the-art security system ensures complete data protection, thanks to the encrypted communication.

Key values:

  • Manage the complete installed base from a central location
  • Offer lower and predictable operational costs
  • Ensure faster and more effective troubleshooting
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Drive productivity

Some service offerings may not be available in all regions. For availability of services in your country, please check with your Barco Sales representative

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