TransForm ECU-110

This product is no longer available.

About TransForm ECU-110

TransForm ECU-110 is a powerful video wall controller, designed to perfectly master even the largest video walls. With its modular architecture, the Transform ECU 110 is capable of capturing and displaying the high amounts of video sources, IP streaming sources and graphical application data available in control room environments. Running standard Windows OS on a latest generation Intel QuadCore CPU, TransForm ECU-110 is a powerful platform for running applications directly on the video wall controller.

With Barco’s Control Room Management Suite CMS in combination with the networking and IP stream handling capabilities, the ECU-110 can either be operated standalone or be seamlessly integrated in a full TransForm N collaboration environment.

High density for large number and diverse types of sources

The TransForm ECU-110 range of input cards supports a high number of directly connected DVI/RGB- and Analog Video sources, in a particularly compact configuration. Configuring the ECU-110 with one or multiple Stream Capture Units (SCU), opens the door to universal IP streams decoding. Here, Barco brings the most comprehensive and future proof, extendable list of supported IP stream formats to the TransForm ECU-110 platform.

Thanks to its modular and scalable architecture, TransForm ECU 110 also delivers the capacity for seamlessly and synchronously driving almost any type and size of video wall.

Applications running natively on large Windows desktop

Equipped with high performance Intel® Core™ i7 Quad Core processor and in combination with the multi-GPU graphic system architecture, TransForm ECU-110 is the preferred controller for running demanding applications on the large Windows™ desktop with a high-res display canvas covering to the complete video wall.

Standalone wall controller or fully networked

Whereas TransForm ECU-110 is a perfect solution in many single wall installations as a Standalone Wall controller, it can as well be easily and fully integrated into a networked TransForm N system. As such, it behaves as a TransForm N output node and application node with additional local source capture capabilities. It is then an integral part of a collaborative system environment, managed by the Control Room Management Suite (CMS).

Control Room Management Suite CMS included

TransForm ECU-110 can come pre-installed with the advanced Barco Control Room Management Suite (CMS) software. For standalone installations not requiring the collaboration features of CMS, the TransForm ECU 110 is also available with the Barco Display Control Management system.

Easy and Reliable

TransForm ECU-110 meets all demanding 24/7 control room visualization needs, supporting redundancy and hot-plug capability features for the critical components. Furthermore, the system is easy to install and easy to use. It comes pre-configured out of the box, assuring a simplified and hassle-free setup.

Available as a control room package

To make the selection simpler, Barco also offers complete packages, containing this controller (with the needed software), and a number of optional components. This includes a tiled LCD video wall, wireless presentation system, and/or free-standing structure. In this way, you can order your complete control room in one complete package.


  • Standalone video wall controller
  • Can be easily extended to a fully networked controller
  • Drives even the largest video walls with all outputs synchronized
  • Large Windows Desktop support
  • Large number of input channels
  • IP-Streams capture and decoding through Stream Capture Unit, with the most extensive and extendable list of IP streaming source types
  • Compatible with full TransForm N networked environment
  • Optional available with either
    • Barco Display Control Wall Management software, or
    • Barco Control Room Management Suite CMS

TransForm ECU-110

ECU-110 controller 4OUT 4DVI DCS
ECU-110 controller 8OUT 8DVI DCS
ECU-110 controller 12OUT 6DVI DCS
ECU-110 controller (Custom configured system)
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